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Troon Ferry Terminal - Disused
Troon, South Ayrshire

Troon Ferry Terminal, South Ayrshire

The now empty ferry terminal next to the marina by Troon harbour.

Taken on a sunny afternoon in March with the light from the south-west in a hazy sky.

On the left is the marina with the harbour in the distance.

The long extended pier to the right allowed the ferry to load and unload at any state of the tide.

Troon Ferry Terminal, South Ayrshire

What's it going to be used for now? Assuming they don't return it to use as a ferry terminal
- and in light of the lack of enough parking spaces that seems very unlikely -
what do the powers-that-be plan to do with it?

Why don't they use the land to build something to attract day-visitors and tourists and to enhance the town for residents and visitors alike?

Troon Ferry Terminal, South Ayrshire

The terminal buildings and the maze of white lines in the car and lorry parks.

The car park in the foreground is also part of the set-up.

Troon Ferry Terminal, South Ayrshire

Troon Ferry Terminal, South Ayrshire

A close-up view of the pier.

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