Blackness Castle by the River Forth
Updated in October 2015

Blackness Castle by the River Forth

Blackness Castle is on the south bank of the River Forth.

These were taken in late afternoon light hence the lengthening shadows and the warm colours.

A few miles east of Bo'ness and not far from The House of the Binns it dates back to at least the 1440s and has a long and chequered history including being used as a munitions depot and a high-class prison.

Blackness Castle by the River Forth

You can see across the Forth to Charlestown directly opposite and Limekilns to the right, both in Fife. Culross is a little to the left - west - of this photo on the north bank.

Blackness Castle by the River Forth

The building nearest the camera was built as a barracks in the 1870s and the castle is now in the hands of Historic Scotland.

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