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The monument to the battle and Robert Bruce statue

Bannockburn Monument, Stirling

A totally unique view looking north.

The statue of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots in the foreground with Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument over at Causewayhead in the top left and right corners respectively.

Bannockburn Monument, Stirling

The statue alone.

A ground level shot is lower down this page.

Bannockburn Monument, Stirling

The statue alongside the circular monument built round the cairn which marks the spot where Robert the Bruce raised his standard for the Battle of Bannockburn. Possibly.

This image was taken from over the playing field just south of the monument so it gives not only a unique view but is from a relatively lower level than normally shown on this website. It was taken looking north.

Bannockburn Monument, Stirling

The monument alone. This is one of those pictures that would look better in winter so the leaves on the trees didn't hide so much of the subject.

The photo below is a detail of the text within the ring of the monument.

It's a tiny part of one of the above photos.

Bannockburn Monument, Stirling

This panoramic view is from much closer in and shows the statue and monument together.

Bannockburn Monument, Stirling

Finally, a close-up view of the statue, from ground level.

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