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Most of the images on this website are available to licence for use on websites, in print and for all commercial purposes. As with all commercial photography a licence is required prior to any and all uses.

Please click here to email 197 to enquire about image use licences

There are also many other aerial images available which are not shown on this website. Please ask if you are looking for any alternative images or for images of other subjects.

While clients buying for website use generally require smaller images most are available up to a size of 5,000 pixels width — and usually very much larger.

Using the images in mock-ups or drafts to create samples for clients before the purchase of a licence is permitted provided the use is not published or distributed. Equally, use of the images within your own home or for personal reasons is permitted, again provided there is no distribution or publishing of the copyrighted works. If in any doubt, please ask before use.

For client security purposes sales are not made directly from this website or domain and your contact details should only be sent via your own secure email system. Clicking on the email links on this website starts up your default email program (e.g. Thunderbird or Outlook) and sets up a message to the correct address and with an appropriate subject line.

Although this is a secure website (labelled above as https), in our view people should always err on the side of caution when buying on-line.

This website does not use cookies or any other form of intrusive visitor tracking.

Payment is safe and secure with PayPal™ and if you choose to use PayPal™ they keep your bank or card details confidential.

If you wish to make an enquiry or place an order please email on the link below to specify your requirements, giving as much information as possible regarding uses, sizes etc.

Please click here to email 197 to enquire about image use licences

Thanks in advance for your interest.


197 aerial photography has no trade or other links to any of the businesses or locations shown on this website. An appearance or illustration on this website should not be taken as an endorsement.