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The Swilken Bridge in St Andrews
The popular feature of the 18th fairway

The Swilken Bridge in St Andrews, Fife

We begin by looking down on the bridge from almost directly overhead.

In this view the 18th tee is off to the top of the picture and the 18th fairway is at the bottom of the image.

The Swilken Bridge in St Andrews, Fife

A word here about the spelling of Swilken, as in the burn and the famous and much-loved stone bridge on the 18th fairway of the Old Course.

The 1854 Ordnance Survey six-inch map identifies the Swilken Bridge as being on the road near the 17th green and currently called Old Station Road and the stone bridge on the golf course is called the Golfers' Bridge.

You can see them both easily in this image.

On none of the old maps is it spelled “Swilcan”.

So, on this website it's going to be spelled Swilken. Unless YOU know better?

The Swilken Bridge in St Andrews, Fife

Looking back up towards the Royal & Ancient with the 1st fairway on the left and the 18th on the right you can see the meandering line of the Swilken Burn quite clearly.

The 1st green is just below the camera to the right and as this image was taken on a Sunday the course is not being used for golf but reverts to its use as public common land.

These pictures were taken as the stands at the top left were set up for the Open a few months later in the year.

The Swilken Bridge in St Andrews, Fife

This image shows the bridge acting as its regular support for a mature male model.

The 18th tee is off to the right and the 18th fairway stretches off to the top left.

The photographer is looking directly towards the Royal & Ancient with the man being photographed nicely framed by the bridge and the clubhouse.

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