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St Andrews Students
St Andrews, Fife

St Andrews Students, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

The university students wearing their red cloaks taking their traditional end-of-year Sunday morning walk along the sea-wall after the service at St Salvator's Chapel in North Street.

The harbour dates from the 13th century and still has much of its medieval form.

The main pier and breakwater were built with stone taken - robbed, in Time Team parlance - from the Cathedral in or around 1656.

St Andrews Students, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

This is a delightful tradition going back many years and it's one of the things
that gives St Andrews its character.

It also has similarities to the game “Lemmings” but let that go for now.

St Andrews Students, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Looking along the pier from the path leading up the hill to the abbey and castle,
right next to the harbour.

You may have noticed these are not aerial photos ? Agreed, but it was such an attractive scene that it seems a shame not to share it.

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