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Seamill Hydro Alterations - The Firth Pavilion
North Ayrshire

Seamill Hydro, North Ayrshire

These views are of the new extension to the hotel called the Firth Pavilion.

It's been built to expand the hotel's offerings for conferences, functions and weddings.

Seamill Hydro, North Ayrshire

A little closer in and you can see the access for cars (limousines?) and the attractive gardens. Full external wheelchair access is also included, as you would expect

Seamill Hydro, North Ayrshire

Looking directly down on the front of the Pavilion, the steps would make an ideal location for wedding photos if the gazebo wasn't to your liking.

These photos were taken in early April before the gardens and grass had a chance to mature and fill in. Better shots will be taken in the summer months and from further away to show the entire complex.

Seamill Hydro, North Ayrshire

This is a cropped version of what it used to look like before the addition was built.

Seamill Hydro, North Ayrshire

The main hotel building. It was too chilly to sit outside in any comfort.

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