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Lundin Golf Club
Lundin Links, Fife

Lundin Golf Club, Lundin Links, Fife

Looking down on the clubhouse from over the beach.

This is a true links course that has a very high reputation as a stiff yet fair challenge to golfers of all abilities.

Taken on a Saturday afternoon - the car park is full but there's only one single soul in sight. They're probably all out on the course - or maybe in the bar?.

Lundin Golf Club, Lundin Links, Fife

The whole area with Lundin Golf Club in the foreground, Largo Law in the background, Lundin Links village behind the golf course and the village of Lower Largo along the shore a little.

Lundin Golf Club, Lundin Links, Fife

From round the back, looking north-west.

In all of these photos you can see how the original building, with the red tiled roof, has been added to over the years by the addition of flat-roofed sections round all four sides but much more to the eastern side.

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