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A.D. Rattray's Whisky Experience
Kirkoswald - South Ayrshire

Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire

This is a business on the north side of the A77 running through Kirkoswald,
the village in South Ayrshire.

As well as selling a range of fine Scotch whisky they also make efforts to educate the palates of their clients to enable them to fully appreciate the best of Scotland's fine malts.

They've been in business since 1868 so they know a thing or two about the subject.

Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire

A closer look at the sign over the door to give you an idea of the
quality of 197's work.

Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire

From this view you can clearly see that the business is based in the old schoolhouse.

Plenty of parking is available and it's an excellent stopping-off point on
the main coast road between Ayr and Stranraer
- and not far from Turnberry as well.

Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire

Further back to show the location of the business and the north end of
the Main Street through the village.

Just out of shot to the left are Souter Johnnie's Cottage and Souter's Inn
as well as other places well worth a visit.

These links lead you to photos of them:

Photos of Souter Johnnie's Cottage can be seen by clicking this line.

Gardengirl - flowers and gifts - can be seen by clicking this line.

The Old Kirk can be seen by clicking here.

And lastly, Souter's Inn photos can be seen by clicking this line.

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