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Culzean Castle
near Maidens, South Ayrshire

Culzean Castle, South Ayrshire

Culzean Castle is built on a cliff to the south of Ayr and is owned and run by the National Trust for Scotland. It is rightly one of the top tourist attractions in Scotland.

The interior by Robert Adam is stunning and the entire park in which the castle sits is an excellent place for a day out both for those interested in history and those with families and young children.

In passing it's pronounced “Cuh-lane”. The z is silent, as in rendezvous.

Culzean Castle, South Ayrshire

From this viewpoint you can see the castle, courtyard and the stable block to the left.

Culzean Castle, South Ayrshire

From further to the north you can now see the outdoor cafe area as well as the clock tower. The souvenir shop is in the stable yard this side of the clock and this angle also gives a very impressive view of the cliffs on which the castle is built.

Culzean Castle, South Ayrshire

Moving back and closer in to the main courtyard it's not clear what the lady in the period costume - the flowing red dress - is doing but it's probably very warm and uncomfortable, especially on a hot summer's day.

Culzean Castle, South Ayrshire

This is even further back and to the north.

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