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by Edinburgh

Cramond by Edinburgh

Looking up the River Almond towards the boat club.

Cramond by Edinburgh

The buildings on the riverside with a rather nice outdoor café with people enjoying a coffee and a snack in the warm sunshine.

The Cramond Inn is in the top left of the picture.

Cramond by Edinburgh

The Cramond Inn again but this time showing the car park and the outdoor seating area.

They wouldn't cut down the trees to improve the photos. Shame.

The public car park to the left is free - in Edinburgh that's quite something! - and offers easy access to the beach and Cramond village but there are steps down to the esplanade so it's not ideal for disabled people who need to make a long detour with their wheelchairs.

Cramond by Edinburgh

Looking towards the river from over the flagpole at the end of the esplanade from just a little to the right of the above photo.

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