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Cambuskenneth Abbey, by Stirling

Just about a mile to the east of Stirling Castle in a loop of the River Forth.

These photos were taken looking to the south.

Most of it is in ruins but the bell-tower is still nearly complete, as you can see.

You can see the River Forth running from a loop on the extreme right of the photos and back north before crossing from west to east in the near distance just a few yards behind the Abbey. At this point it's still tidal.

Cambuskenneth Abbey, by Stirling

A closer view showing more detail.

Cambuskenneth Abbey, by Stirling

There's a lot of fascinating history attached to this place.

The Abbey was founded by King David I in about 1140 as what was later to become an Augustinian house.

This was where Robert I (Robert Bruce) held a parliament just after the battle of Bannockburn in 1314 which was (is) 4 or 5 miles away to the south-west; it's the burial site of King James III of Scotland, circa 1451-88 and earlier his wife, Margaret of Denmark. Their new tomb was paid for by Queen Victoria in 1865.

The Abbey was burned down in 1383 by the forces of the English King Richard II but was finally destroyed during the Protestant Reformation in 1560.

Cambuskenneth Abbey is now in the care of Historic Scotland and is open daily from April to September with free entry.

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