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The Old & New Bridges
Ayr, South Ayrshire

Ayr, South Ayrshire

The two bridges in the old town which are the main subjects of the poem The Twa Brigs by the Scottish bard Robert Burns.

The old bridge - the second one upstream and now a footbridge - was built from 1470 to 1525 but it's thought that there might have been a bridge here as early as the time of Alexander II who reigned from 1214-49. The present Auld Brig has been rebuilt and repaired many times, most notably in 1588.

The stones on this side of the new bridge are the remains of an old railway bridge.

Ayr, South Ayrshire

A detail from the above photo showing the time of day on the clock on the Wallace Tower in the High Street.

Ayr County Buildings, South Ayrshire

The County Buildings next to the Low Green.

Ayr Wellington Square, South Ayrshire

Wellington Square in the heart of Ayr.

Ayr, South Ayrshire

The Sheriff Court in Wellington Square.

An older image taken some years ago on film.

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