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Auchans House
West of Dundonald, South Ayrshire

Auchans House, Dundonald, South Ayrshire

The ruins of the old house hiding among the trees a half mile or so west of Dundonald Castle in South Ayrshire.

It's not the best angle to work from but what you can't see in this photograph is the main road - the A759 - lined with overhead cables between this viewpoint and the house.

Known in times past as Auchans Castle it was once a large and fairly impressive mansion which was mainly built around 1644 although the Wallaces of Auchans had a house here in the early 16th century which may form the core of the current structure.

Auchans House, Dundonald, South Ayrshire

From ground level with the fence round it edited out to improve the view.

This was taken from the field to the left of the top photo.

Auchans House, Dundonald, South Ayrshire

From ground level to the right of the top photo.

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