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A lay-by on the A77
South of Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire

A77 Lay-by, Ayrshire

An odd one this. You're looking northwards and down onto a lay-by on the A77 south of Kirkoswald, on the hill above Turnberry, complete with a maze.

It's not signposted or indicated from anywhere on the main road - other than as a parking area - and in any case it can only be entered while driving south.

As it's totally hidden from the main road thousands of people must pass it every week and never know it's there.

Dunure Maze, Ayrshire

This also needs an explanation...

This is the maze - labyrinth - next to Dunure Castle on the Ayrshire coast a few miles away from the above photo. As you can see it's exactly the same design.

It seems to be a classical design which some sources suggest goes back to Crete in around 1,600 B.C. or, to put it another way, over three and a half thousand years ago.
It's not new, is the point here.

The scale of this photo is a little hard to see but the information sign at the bottom right of the picture is about 3 feet or 1 metre wide so as you can see there's just enough room for one person at a time to follow the path from the entrance to the centre.

Or if in a hurry or maybe a bad mood just step over the rocks?

This photo is also on the Dunure page.

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